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Governors Offices Campaign Ads

Identifier: PCC-CP


  • Majority of material found in Extent of collection dates 1970-2009

Conditions Governing Use

The Political Commercial Collection holds no copyright or any other rights to the materials in its collection, and can confer no permissions for use to the Borrower. It is the Borrower’s responsibility to secure permissions for use from the copyright holder. The Archive does not maintain information on the copyright holders for the commercials in its collection. Staff may provide what information is available on the organization that paid for or agency that created a given ad, but these are not the guaranteed copyright holders, and this information is not available for all ads in the Archive. Staff are unable to provide any further assistance in copyright research.


22113 Items (This collection contains media relevant to Governors Offices and Issue Campaigns. The collection has television spots, commercials, short clips. ) : Each item within this collections falls under the following categories: 16mm film reels, VHS videotape, 3/4" U-Matic videotape, 1" and 2" tap, Beta SP, Betamax, Mini DV, DVD, and born digital video formats.